We all expect the journey to be a smooth ride with no wrong turns or road blocks. That journey would be boring and forgotten quickly! I would rather be on a journey with unexpected twisted and turns and a few road blocks to help me to appreciate and remember that each step of the journey is a learning experience.


In Pursuit of Answers!

I was reading my O magazine for April and finally made it to the last page which is titled “What I know for sure.”  I love to read this article because Oprah always make you think about how you can do and be better.  The statement that stood out the most was, “Ask the right questions, and the answers will revel themselves.”  This got me to thinking about myself and was I asking the right questions to help me find my way on my new career path.  I have not asked myself the right questions and I am looking for the answers in the wrong places (Wow that song sounds familiar). The question that I need to ask myself is will you leave the comfortable job to pursue your dream of being a Illustrator? 

I have asked the question and now I will allow the answer to reveal itself.  My question for you is have you asked the right questions of yourself, are you where you want to be and what can you do to get yourself in a position to pursue your dreams?


I am at my crossroads struggling with the idea of comforming to the status quo.

Do I have the right to just up a leaving everything that is comfortable and stable,

for a life of uncertainty and discord.  Uncertainty forms because you are of a certain age 

and spur of the moment does not factor into the bills.  Discord follows the choice with the

back lash from your family not understanding your need for change.  I push aside uncertainty

and remove discord from my view.   

Facing your challenges

The biggest challenge that you will face when you decide to make a change in your life is self doubt. It is the only obstacle that will keep you from quiting your comfortable job and pursuing a position that will make a difference in your life. The only person that can remove the obstacle is you. Take sometime and think about the things that you are missing out on to stay comfortable, then think about how great your life will be doing something that you always wanted to try.