The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence is a welcomed friend that I have not been able to visit in a long time.  It like we schedule time to get together and catch up but the movement of life takes away our scheduled time and my visit with silence  is postpone again.  My effects to reschedule a few moments with silence are unsuccessful.

I have lost touch with my friend and  we would not be able to reconnect for twenty years because my life was a roller coaster filled with the frantic screams of children growing up.  When my girls grew up and my life finally settled down to a dull roar, my friend silence was able to stop by for short visits. Those short visits turned into a rediscovery of myself and the talents that I had tucked away because of my infrequent visits with sound.  As I spent more time with silence I discovered that I loved all of the benefits that Silence proved, I took the good with the bad and found that I love drawing and spending time with myself.

I found that the sound of silence is great when your ready to expect what you hear in the silence!


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